FW: Energy; Weekly Energy Review

Weekly Energy Review
Canaccord Research, (416) 869-3403

Inside this week
Enclosed is our Weekly Energy Review for the week ended March 5, 2010. It
provides a summary of commodity news, industry activity, market performance,
corporate developments, management changes, and equity financings during the
Commodity prices
Near-month crude oil closed out the week at US$81.50/bbl, up 2.3% on the
week and up 86.9% from this time last year.
Near-month natural gas closed out the week at US$4.59/mmbtu, down 4.6% on
the week and up 12.4% from this time last year.
Market performance
The top three performers for the week ended March 5, 2010, were Bankers, up
33.7%; Painted Pony, up 27.6%; and Coastal , up 23.4%. The weekly bottom
performers were Result, down 17.2%; North Peace, down 15.0%; and TransEuro,
down 14.3%.

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other jurisdiction is strictly prohibited. Canaccord Adams, its affiliated
companies and holdings of their
respective directors, officers and employees and companies with which they
are associated may, from
time to time, include the securities mentioned in this report.


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