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Bloc Quebecois Quits ‘Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism’

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(English translation. Original French below)

By H��l��ne Buzzetti; March 10, 2010 – Le Devoir

The Bloc Quebecois Quits Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism

Ottawa – The Bloc Quebecois decided yesterday to withdraw from the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism because it judges it “biased” in favor of Israel and against the Palestinians.

The Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism (CPCCA) is a coalition of parliamentary parties represented in Ottawa. Less [one] as of yesterday. Le Devoir learned that the two representative ���bloquistes��� participating in the CPCCA decided to quit.

The CPCCA undertook an “investigation commission” to address the nature of anti-semitism in Canada. Witnesses were invited, including Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, Jason Kenney. The Bloc Quebecois, deploring the fact that most witnesses shared the same perspective and point of view, proposed to hear two different groups.

“We found that the list of the proposed witnesses presented a single side of the same coin���, explains the whip of the Bloc Quebecois, Michel Guimond. We wanted this to be a lot more reasonable.” They asked to hear the Canadian-Arab Federation, that had submitted testimony and asked for an audience, as well as the Canadians for Peace and Justice in the Middle East. The committee, presided by the conservative Scott Reid, did not grant this request.

Michel Guimond asserts that the withdrawal of the Bloc must be understood as a “repudiation”. The party wants to distance itself while the Coalition prepares its report. “We consider that the Coalition is tainted, partisan and presents a single side of the coin. We desired a much more moderate approach, more consensual, and still with the outlook to find peace.”

One will remember that Ottawa cut funding to the Canadian-Arab Federation last year, after they had called Minister Kenney a “professional whore” for his absolute support for the State of Israel.

=========… [1]

Coalition de lutte contre l’antis��mitisme

le Bloc se retire

Buzzetti, H��l��ne

Ottawa – Le Bloc qu��b��cois a d��cid�� hier de se retirer de la Coalition parlementaire canadienne de lutte contre l’antis��mitisme parce qu’il juge celle-ci ��biais��e�� en faveur d’Isra��l et contre les Palestiniens.

La Coalition parlementaire canadienne de lutte contre l’antis��mitisme (CPCCA, de son acronyme anglais) est une coalition de parlementaires provenant de toutes les formations politiques repr��sent��es �� Ottawa. Du moins jusqu’�� hier. Le Devoir a appris que les deux d��put��s bloquistes qui y si��geaient ont d��cid�� de la quitter.

Le CPCCA a entrepris une ��commission d’enqu��te�� pour dresser le portrait de l’antis��mitisme au Canada. Des t��moins ont ��t�� invit��s, dont le ministre de la Citoyennet�� et de l’Immigration, Jason Kenney. Le Bloc qu��b��cois, d��plorant le fait que la plupart provenaient du m��me horizon et partageaient le m��me point de vue, a propos�� d’entendre deux groupes diff��rents.

��On trouvait que la liste des t��moins propos��e pr��sentait un seul c��t�� de la m��daille, explique le whip du Bloc qu��b��cois, Michel Guimond. On voulait que ce soit beaucoup plus mod��r��.�� Il a demand�� �� entendre la F��d��ration canado-arabe, qui avait soumis un m��moire et demand�� une audience, ainsi que le groupe Canadiens pour la justice et la paix au Moyen-Orient. Le comit��, pr��sid�� par le conservateur Scott Reid, n’a pas donn�� suite �� cette requ��te.

Michel Guimond assure que le retrait des bloquistes doit ��tre compris comme un ��d��saveu��. Le parti veut prendre ses distances alors que la coalition pr��parera sous peu son rapport. ��On consid��re que la coalition est teint��e, partisane et pr��sente un seul c��t�� de la m��daille.

Bloc Quebecois Quits ‘Coalition to Combat Anti-Semitism’

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