Iranian Flotilla To Gaza Canceled

I think you will enjoy this intelligence report from STRATFOR.

Iran is cancelling a flotilla it was preparing to send June 27 to challenge Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip, Ynetnews reported June 24. The secretary-general of an Iranian organization affiliated with Palestinian causes, Hussein Sheikh el-Islam, said the cancellation is because of “the Zionist regime’s violence and inhumane response to humanitarian aid.” Hussein said that the aid would instead be transferred to Gaza through unspecified means and not under Iran’s name. A member of the Iranian parliament claimed that Iran would send a ship carrying several Iranian citizens, including four members of parliament, from Turkey instead. The news may correspond with previous intelligence provided by STRATFOR sources who indicated that Iran had hoped Egypt would intercept the flotilla as it tried to cross the Suez Canal, thus preventing conflict with the Israeli navy while still showing Iranian support for the Palestinians. Since Iran and Egypt are not on cordial terms, the source indicated that Iran had asked Lebanon to mediate a plan with Egypt to intercept the flotilla in Egyptian waters. The cancellation of the flotilla may be due to the failure of Iran’s plan, as Egypt has publicly announced several times over the past week that it would not stop the flotilla. Backing down from the aid delivery risks undermining Iranian credibility at a time when the Islamic Republic is competing with Turkey to be seen as the champion of the Palestinian cause in the Muslim world. Iran’s claim that it would send a new flotilla through Turkish waters thus appears to be a face-saving measure.

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