>Will Stoners Save the Democrats? — Daily Intel – StumbleUpon

>Democratic voters are not nearly as enthusiastic as Republican voters this year, probably because the former are generally somewhat content with the way things are going, while the latter fancy themselves modern-day revolutionaries tasked with saving the nation from certain destruction, perhaps with the help of zombie George Washington. But what if there were something that could spark the interest (the pun will become apparent shortly) of Democratic voters as much as socialist Kenyan debt-fetishists excite Republicans? Obviously, there is nothing that young, liberal voters love more than the thought of legalized marijuana, and luckily for Democrats, it could be on the ballot in up to six states this November.

According to a couple of political thinkers, Democratic-leaning voters who wouldn’t really care about participating in congressional or gubernatorial elections this year might haul their lazy asses to the voting booth if they can help decriminalize marijuana, in the same way that gay-marriage initiatives likely bolstered Republican candidates — including George W. Bush — in 2004. Could an army of stoners really tip the balance in even a few races this year, maybe even keeping the House in Democratic hands? It’s a dangerous group to rely on, obviously. The whole plan could fall apart with an unluckily timed Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman marathon.

Will Stoners Save the Democrats? — Daily Intel – StumbleUpon

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