>Yad Vashem and Google partner to preserve and share Holocaust archives


Yad Vashem and Google partner to preserve and share Holocaust archives




Dear Friends,


As you are all probably aware today, January 27th, is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.


We are happy to share with you that yesterday, to mark this day, Yad Vashem and Google announced a partnership that will greatly facilitate preservation of and access to the world’s largest historical collection on the Holocaust. As of today, 130,000 photos from Yad Vashem’s archive will be viewable in full resolution online. This is a first step towards bringing the vast Yad Vashem archive online over time. Due to Google’s confidentiality regulations, this unique initiative could not be made public until the official announcement in a special press conference.


In keeping with Yad Vashem’s mission, and utilizing media, this serves as an important step towards reaching out to the young generation and engaging them in dialogue about the Holocaust.


We are confident that this initiative will not only bring this valuable information to a much wider and more diverse audience worldwide, but it will allow people around the world to contribute, by identifying the stories behind photos and documents, adding their own stories and knowledge to the site.


Attached is the press release with the official announcement.


With all my best from Jerusalem,




Shaya Ben Yehuda

Managing Director

International Relations Division

Yad Vashem

P.O.B 3477, Jerusalem 91034, Israel

Tel +972-2-644-3420

Fax +972-2-644-3429


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