When in Doubt… Shoot to Kill

Caracas Chronicles

Charming fellow Charming fellow

Making decisions can be tough, especially if you’re expected to solve the worst economic crisis in our petrostate’s memory on a 22% approval rating, and don’t have the first clue what you’re doing.

Leave it to a psychopath like the Defense Minister to show you how it’s done.

While Maduro dithers like a paralyzed hamster at the mere thought of announcing an economic reform, General Vladimir Padrino López is a proponent of the shock-and-awe approach to violating Human Rights.

Case in point: Resolution 8610, sanctioned on Jan. 27, through which the Ministry of Defence authorizes the use of “potentially lethal force, be it with a firearm or with another potentially lethal weapon” as a last recourse […], “to avoid public disorder, to support the legitimate authority, and to immediately reject aggression using any necessary means.”

Naturally, this innovation in military protocol is meant to “regulate the Armed Forces when…

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