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Man unknowingly liveblogs bin Laden operation

AP –By DIAA HADID, Associated Press – 1 hr 57 mins ago
CAIRO – A computer programmer, startled by a helicopter clattering above his quiet Pakistani town in the early hours of the morning Monday, did what any social-media addict would do: he began sending messages to the social networking site Twitter.
With his tweets, 33-year-old Sohaib Athar, who moved to the sleepy town of Abbottabad to escape the big city, became in his own words “the guy who liveblogged the Osama raid without knowing it.”
Soon the sole helicopter multiplied into several and gunfire and explosions rocked the air above the town, and Athar’s tweets quickly garnered tens of thousands of followers as he apparently became the first in the world to describe the U.S. operation to kill one of the world’s most wanted militants.
Athar did not respond to an Associated Press request for comment — he explained in another tweet that a filter he set up to stop his email box from flooding could be culling out requests for interviews. He was up to more 70,000 followers by Monday evening.
“I apologize for reporting the operation ‘unwittingly/unknowingly’ — had I known about it, I would have tweeted about it ‘wittingly’ I swear,” he tweeted after realizing what he had witnessed.
Later, he gave an interview to Al-Jazeera’s English-language news network via Skype as he sat in a cafe. When asked if he was scared, he said that he’s from Lahore, “so I’ve had my share of bomb blasts.”
His first tweet Monday was innocuous: “Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad at 1AM (is a rare event).”
The noise alarmed Athar, who had moved to the upscale area of Abbottabad to get away from city life after his wife and child were badly injured in a car accident in the sprawling city of Lahore, according to his blog in July.
Nestled in the mountains around 60 miles (95 kilometers) northeast of the capital, Abbottabad is a quiet, leafy town featuring a military academy, the barracks for three army regiments and even its own golf course.
As the operation to kill Osama Bin Laden unfolded, Athar “liveblogged” what he was hearing in real time, describing windows rattling as bombs exploded.
He questioned whose helicopters might be flying overhead. “The few people online at this time of the night are saying one of the copters was not Pakistani,” he tweeted.
Athar then said one of the aircraft appeared to have been shot down. Two more helicopters rushed in, he reported.
Throughout the battle, he related the rumors swirling through town: it was a training accident. Somebody was killed. The aircraft might be a drone. The army was conducting door-to-door searches in the surrounding area. The sound of an airplane could be heard overhead.
Soon, however, the rumbling of international events far beyond the confines of this quiet upscale suburb began to dawn on Athar, and he realized what he might be witnessing.
“I think the helicopter crash in Abbottabad, Pakistan and the President Obama breaking news address are connected,” he tweeted.
Eight hours and about 35 tweets later, the confirmation came: “Osama Bin Laden killed in Abbottabad, Pakistan,” Athar reported. “There goes the neighborhood.”
Associated Press writer Eric Carvin contributed to this report from New York.

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>Top 10 Social Networks

  1. Facebook – 133,623,529 unique visits
  2. MySpace – 50,615,444 unique visits
  3. Twitter – 23,573,178 unique visits
  4. Linkedin – 15,475,890 unique visits
  5. Classmates – 14,613,381 unique visits
  6. MyLife – 8,736,352 unique visits
  7. Ning – 6,120,667 unique visits
  8. LiveJournal – 3,834,155 unique visits
  9. Tagged – 3,800,325 unique visits
  10. – 3,473,978 unique visits

* — stats provided from as of 08/12/10.
Top 10 Social Networks You Should Care About As a Web Developer
By Scott Clark
August 13, 2010

If you are a web developer, you may have brushed off social networking as a phenomenon that is dominated by teenagers and people seeking relationships. If you talk to non-developers, however, you may have realized that social networking is pervasive, and noticed that most smart businesses have embraced the phenomenon as a way to attract potential customers and interact with their current customers. In this article we’ll look at the top 10 social networking sites that you should be aware of as a developer who cares about your clients’ businesses.

Top 10 Social Networking Sites

To get started, let’s break down the top 10 social networking sites today. In order of unique visitors, here’s the list*:

  1. Facebook – 133,623,529 unique visits
  2. MySpace – 50,615,444 unique visits
  3. Twitter – 23,573,178 unique visits
  4. Linkedin – 15,475,890 unique visits
  5. Classmates – 14,613,381 unique visits
  6. MyLife – 8,736,352 unique visits
  7. Ning – 6,120,667 unique visits
  8. LiveJournal – 3,834,155 unique visits
  9. Tagged – 3,800,325 unique visits
  10. – 3,473,978 unique visits

* — stats provided from as of 08/12/10.
Over the last year, Facebook has doubled its monthly visitors, while MySpace has experienced a 13% decrease. Some of the change is due to MySpace users growing up and wanting to interact with business acquaintances, school friends and more, but overall, social networking is dramatically increasing worldwide. Small businesses, corporations and grandparents everywhere are becoming socially active online at an exponential rate. The time is now to get your business or website’s presence on the social networks so your customers can reach and communicate with your business and other customers.
Your business or website’s social networking presence should not be a copy of your website, nor should it appear like a brochure designed to sell something. It should provide a more personal look at your business, the people who are involved, and the social networking sites should be a place where, although still done in a professional manner, your company can let its hair down, so to speak. Interesting aspects of your business, positive communications with your customers, new aspects of the business that you are working on or considering are all topics to be considered for posting on your social networking sites.
Another thing to keep in mind is that all of the social networking sites have their own rules about soliciting, advertising and what can and cannot be posted on their sites. You must adhere to their rules, or you will be banned and your site will be blacklisted. Most social networking sites enable their members to interact with each other, and your business’ social networking sites are no different. You can expect to receive both positive and negative feedback. While the positive feedback is great, the negative feedback allows you to focus on those aspects of your site or business that needs improvement. Your reactions to that negative feedback will be seen by all of your other customers, whether they are current customers or potential customers, so keep it professional, and whatever you do, do not allow yourself to get into a flame war or argument.
On some social networking sites you can use an RSS feed to display your most recent articles or content from your regular website. This is a great way to keep folks informed about changes to your site, and keeps the content on your social site fresh and appealing.
Some social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, provide web developers with access to many features of their site through the use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) or Software Developer’s Kits (SDKs). Developers can access bits of information from “friends” on their social networking site, and display that information on their regular website. Facebook’s now famous “Like” button is an example of the use of an API.
Here are a few social networking APIs and SDKs that you may find useful as you create or enhance your current website:

Top 10 Social Networks You Should Care About As a Web Developer –


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Una vez mas,  Gracias  a El Chiguire Bipolar

Date: 20 May 2010 00:44:00 GMT+02:00
Subject: Tweets de @chavezcandanga aparecen en vallas de Barinas
Source: El Chigüire Bipolar
Author: El Chiguire Bipolar 

La creciente importancia que el primer mandatario le ha dado al Twitter continúa cosechando frutos. Barinas fue el estado seleccionado para la prueba piloto de la Misión Chávez Candanga Adentro, una estrategia diseñada por el Presidente de la República para que todos los venezolanos, independientemente de su condición económica, puedan tener acceso a los importantes tweets que coloca diariamente en la mencionada red de microblogging.

“Claro que no todos los venezolanos y venezolanas tienen un Blackberry, compadre. Si no, ya tuviera 26 millones de followers, ¿verdad, Aristóbulo? Pensando en cada uno de esos hijos de Bolívar, que viven desinformados, a merced de los medios golpistas y sus mensajes venenosos, es que hoy les anuncio la Misión Chávez Candanga Adentro. Revolución dentro de la revolución del Twitter, mi llave” afirmó el presidente, entre vítores y aplausos de su audiencia.

La misión busca llevar los mensajes de Chávez a cada rincón del país, especialmente a los pueblos de la provincia, adonde el internet y la telefonía móvil inteligente no tienen la misma penetración que en las grandes ciudades. “Allí donde haya una pasarelita para colgar una pancarta, una valla ociosa, un poste para poner un pendón, allí llegará el twitter. Autorizo a los alcaldes, a los concejales a expropiar lo que consideren necesario” prosiguió Chávez. “Allá en mi natal Sabaneta podemos comenzar con esto, Jaua. A ver qué tal nos sale la cosa, chico”.

De inmediato brigadas de reservistas procedieron a cumplir la orden presidencial, lo que generó reacciones en la apacible localidad llanera. Uno de nuestros pasantes mal pagados fue hasta Sabaneta y logró entrevistar a varias personas. Esto fue lo que dijeron:

– “¿Chávez Adentro? ¿Con ese pajarito? ¡Aaaay vale, chinazo! ¡Esa guayaba como que está picá ‘e pájaro! Tan seriecito que se veía” — Raúl Linares, desempleado, 36 años.

– “Guá, ¿y pa’ qué existe la radio puej?” — Briceida Contreras, ama de casa, 60 años.

– “Jejeje, escribieron Cháves con zeta, ¿viste? Hacen las cosas y las hacen mal. Por eso es que la revolución está como está. Errores así la desmoralizan a una. Comandante, lo están engañando… Igual lo quiero” —- Rosa Alejandra Silva, estudiante de la UNELLEZ, 22 años.

– “No jose, esta noche vengo y me llevo esa valla para taparle el hueco al techo” — señor Rosendo, no se acuerda del apellido, 78 años, jubilado.

– “Sin duda la Misión Chávez Candanga Adentro 2 trae el futuro a Sabaneta. Es el avance en medios de comunicación más importante descubierto por el hombre desde el mensaje escrito con Griffin en el vidrio trasero del carro” — Prof. Justo Requena, Iutirla Sabaneta.

– “¿No juegue y toda esa vallota pa’ poner esas tres pendejadas? ¡Esa jodía debería de llamarse Misión Pida por esa Boquita, que cantidad de muertos de hambre, no jile!” —- Juana Cifuentes, comerciante, evidentemente opositora, 50 años.

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