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Alla Vecchia Bettola
34r Via Luigi Ariosto Phone ++-39-055-22.41.58

If you’re in Florence, don’t miss Alla Vecchia Bettola: eat the penne bettola and the Florentine steak- you will not regret it!


 Piemonte addresses

Great Food and Wine in the Piemonte region of Italy

Dre Caste, or Il Mongetto
Hotel, restaurant, wine producer, as well as sauces and stuff. Great place.
Find more info by googling Dre Caste, or Il Mongetto
Nice Wine estate:
Gallina restaurant:
Long heavy meals. Nice and Cheap.
Great Moscato d’Asti but other wines not great.
great restaurant:
Del Belbo da Bardon

San Marzano Oliveto
Via Valle Asinari 25
Tel 0141 831 340
Well-known as the ‘Bardon’. Large, easy-going and friendly. Fine local cuisine and the largest wine list in Piedmont. Seats outside.
(Closed Wed p.m, Thurs.)
other place I’ve been to:
Trattoria della Posta ‘da Camulin’
Cossano Belbo
Via Fratelli Negro, 3
Tel 0141 88 126
Well-known and critically acclaimed for its top quality food.
Excellent wine list.
(closed Sun pm, Mon)

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