Live-blogging “la cola”

It’s crazy!!! Two hours to buy washing detergent, toilet paper and milk, for what would normally take 5-10 minutes to buy! I cannot believe people are putting up with this crap.

The fact that Venezuelans haven’t gotten rid of these troglodytes in government shows how much they’re “pissing out of the bowl”-meando fuera del perol…

Truly sad.

Caracas Chronicles

It’s MY day.

It’s not my birthday. And Saint Anne’s Feast Day is July 26th.

It’s my day because, on Tuesdays, Venezuelans with ID numbers ending in 2 and 3 can buy price-controlled products in a supermarket that I’ll call the No-Kwik-E-Mart.

Since this is Holy Week holiday, I decide to venture out and stand in line, whatever it takes. My mom’s ID also ends with  2, so we can at least share the adventure – for lack of a better word.

8:04am: We get in line, or as Venezuelans call it, “la cola.” (Literally, the tail) According to Google maps, it is a 60 meter line. Since it isn’t an orderly line, we estimate –al least- 250 people in front of us.

The minute I get in line, security personnel from a close-by store yells out: “hay Ace y papel tualé” [there’s Ace laundry powder and toilet paper].

Jackpot! Jackpot! (The Ace…

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